What is the purpose of Nightlife?

Nightlife aims to support individuals with a disability to participate in individually tailored and community inclusive lifestyles. 

Our Support

Who is eligible for support?

In order to use the service a person must:

  • Have a physical disability, mobility issues or other support needs
  • Be able to direct staff
  • Be able to fund the support either through funding packages or individually
  • Nightlife welcomes applicants from ATSIC and CALD backgrounds

What does Nightlife do?

Nightlife predominately provides personal care assistance. This can cover a range of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Medication support
  • Safety checks
  • Drop-In Support
  • Assistance into bed
  • Repositioning and turning
  • Reheating meals
  • Prepare snacks/drinks
  • Assistance with toileting and/or showering 
  • Personal care tasks
  • Urgent on-call support
  • Other negotiated support
Nightlife may also provide other supports under NDIA. For more information, visit:

How do I get started with Nightlife?

To enquire or complete an application simply call the office on 9532 5455 or email

 Once I apply how long before I get support?

Time may vary from case to case depending on support needs and available resources. However, in most instances support commences within a week of undertaking the intake process.

How will staff know what support I need?

During the initial intake process Nightlife will engage with you to identify what you support needs are. This information will form your Individual Care Plan. Staff will then be trained in your specific support needs.

How do I give feedback about my support?

Throughout the training process Nightlife will contact you to gather your thoughts as to how the training is coming along. This gives you the opportunity to provide feedback and shape how your support is delivered. Nightlife also welcomes feedback at any time and this can be done by contacting the office on 9532 5455 or email

How do I make a complaint about the service?

Nightlife welcomes any feedback. If there is something that you feel is not right or has caused some dissatisfaction then we would like to hear from you. You can call the office on 9532 5455 and talk to the Manager to discuss your concerns or, alternatively put your feedback or complaint in writing and send to email

If you wish to address your feedback or complaint with the Committee of Management, you may do so by sending an email to If you wish to make your complaint anonymous, this option is available through the Feedback and Complaints form

Once your feedback or complaint has been submitted, the following steps will be taken:

  • Identify the nature of the feedback or complaint. In this process the matter will be discussed with you (if you do not wish to remain anonymous) so that there is a clear understanding of what the issues are.
  • Identify what are the preferred outcomes from the issues raised and action appropriately. 
  • Wherever possible, outcomes will be identified with a clear understanding of who is responsible for each step required in reaching these outcomes.
  • Wherever possible, timelines will be given as to when these outcomes will be reached.
Your concern will be treated with confidentiality and respect throughout this process.

Nightlife also encourages people to make complaints to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission where they feel this is necessary. Complaints can be made over the phone on 1800 035 544 or by completing a complaint contact form. For more information, please visit:


What do I need to pay to get support?

Fees are broken down into the following blocks:

60mins, 75mins, 90mins etc, where each block is inclusive of 15 minutes travel time (eg 1 hour is comprised of 45 minutes of support and 15 minutes travel time).  

Fees are subject to change as prescribed by the NDIA. For an up-to-date fee schedule please contact the office on 9532 5455 or email