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Nicole Watling

I have used about half a dozen service providers. I use Nightlife for assistance with my bedtime routine. I think Nightlife really sets itself apart from other providers I have used because multiple staff are trained in my routine. About 10 staff members to date know my routine, so if my scheduled support worker should be sick, or on leave, there are plenty of other staff members who know my routine and can fill in. This is a process which happens automatically. The training of multiple members of staff in a client's routine is a normal part of Nightlife's business model and is not the normal practice for the majority, if not all, of the other providers. With other providers, when my usual support worker is sick or on leave, I have to ask for a replacement to be sent. My primary carer (my Mum) will have to show them what to do, because they invariably won't know my routine. This defeats the purpose of having someone come at all. In addition Nightlife is one of the few, if not the only, provider who will visit a service user for as little as 15 minutes, even at short notice.

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Renate Manntz

I like to show my appreciation and say many thanks for your service. Especially with very short notices Nightlife always makes it possible to get looked after in anyway my needs are required and requested. Much thanks to Lisa at 4am was call out when I needed help. It took some hours to resolve my problem and when my morning support worker arrived I was able to continue my routine as normal. You mean more than gold and silver plus diamonds to me. Your services is first class and always so helpful. Thank you Nightlife!

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Patrick Jackson

The nightlife staff are always friendly and a pleasure to have in my home. Its never a hassle to seek assistance regarding times or cancellations of my bed time, the office staff are extremely professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this organisation as it has changed my life for the better and i am truly appreciative of that.

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