At Nightlife it is our aim that people live a life that is as independent as possible. Our services are delivered flexibly, in the least obtrusive way possible whilst facilitating people to direct their own support.
We encourage people with the choices they make and support them with the achieved outcomes of these choices. We recognise every individual’s right to self-determination.

Nightlife encourages a culture of openness and transparency with all of the stakeholders involved with the organisation. We value ethical decision making, adherence to contemporary scopes of practice and delivery of customer-focused services.

Nightlife believes the cornerstone of all of our relationships is mutual respect and open communication. Nightlife recognises each individual’s intrinsic dignity and capacity, privacy and right to self-directed support planning.

Nightlife believes in everybody’s inherent right to participate in every aspect of their life. This ranges from decisions about their daily life to broader inclusion in, engagement with, and participation in their chosen communities.

Nightlife implicitly believes in the safety and security of all its stakeholders. This includes the people who use the service, the staff who work for, and represent the service as well as any other external stakeholders who come in contact with the service. This is achieved through the design and review of effective systems that provide support, train staff, meet external auditing obligations, monitor financial management and a range of other proven systems that enable the service to function and deliver quality services.