Our organisation is committed to maintaining a governance structure that comprises people with a disability, families and carers and people with strong industry backgrounds in finance, business development, clinical governance and human resources. We are currently seeking new general members with skills / backgrounds in:

  • Marketing, PR and fundraising
  • Quality and service delivery 
  • Business development and innovation
  • Governance (business and clinical)
  • Operational expertise in the NDIS funding environment 

    Our Committee is a proactive and visionary group who meet monthly and lend their specialist skills to our Quality and Safety and Finance Sub-Committees. We offer our members induction, training and support to develop and grow their skills. If you are interested please contact the CEO Frances Sanders at fsanders@nightlife.org.au for a confidential discussion. 

Any contact to the Committee of Management directly can be via their email or in the form of a letter addressed to the Committee of Management marked ‘private and confidential’ and sent to the Nightlife office.