The Committee of Management is elected annually at the Nightlife AGM, and additional members are recruited throughout the year where there is a vacancy. All service users and staff are notified in advance of the Annual General Meeting and are encouraged to attend. An individual must be a member of the association to be able to be elected to the board. The guidelines for membership and board eligibility are contained within the constitution.

The Committee of Management meetings are held bi-monthly  at the Nightlife office. Meetings are attended by all committee members and the Nightlife Manager. The Manager will provide a report on all service and governance matters. The Committee of Management are responsible to a code of conduct, confidentiality obligations, conflict of interest notifications and all other relevant policies and procedures.

Service users and staff can provide feedback or make complaints to the Committee of Management through the Manager or directly. Any contact to the Committee of Management directly can be via their email or in the form of a letter addressed to the Committee of Management marked ‘private and confidential’ and sent to the Nightlife office.