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  • Jobs Australia: Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

In early March (prior to COVID-19 restrictions),  we attended Jobs Australia's 'Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace' training. The training was conducted by Margaret Balsille, Jobs Australia's Workplace Relations Team Leader. The training was very insightful and we thank Margaret for sharing her time and knowledge in this area.

Jobs Australia is an independent body specialising in providing employment services for not-for-profits and community organisations. Nightlife/Eclipse has been a member of Jobs Australia since 2014 and has frequently utilised the services and resources they have available. The services they offer members include support in:

  • policy and advocacy
  • workplace relations
  • business
  • insurance

Given the current climate, it is as pertinent a time as ever to ensure that we look after the well-being of our employees. This training has informed our preparations for workforce management in light of COVID-19 and we encourage other not-for-profits in our network to partake in future sessions.

For more information about Jobs Australia, please visit: https://www.ja.com.au/