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The COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, and the team at Nightlife continues to work tirelessly to adapt our services to support the most vulnerable people in our community. These are challenging and unprecedented times, here in Australia and around the world. Our top priority is to support our amazing people so we can keep delivering high quality services for those most vulnerable in the community.

It’s timely to update our stakeholders on what we are doing, and continue to do, to get through this together.

Yes, we are open. Nightlife continues to support our participants during the COVID-19 pandemic and are supporting new referrals to our services.

As an organisation delivering essential services for people with complex disability needs, we are committed to continuing to support people through this very difficult time. This is to advise all of our stakeholders of the strategies have put in place and the the safety measures we are employing. Our commitment to remain open and to keep delivering essential services to you.

You can view our COVID 19 Emergency Plan by following the below link :
COVID 19 Emergency plan Nightlife V6 January 2022

In Home Support services

All NDIS funded services are considered essential services and at this time, now even more than ever, the provision of support and care to consumers and their families and carers imperative. In line with this, all workforce roles currently employed are considered essential valued roles.

NDIS services for clients with complex care needs

We are still delivering support in the community for those who need it.
We consider our daytime and night-time NDIS services supporting people with complex disabilities to be an essential service at this time. Now even more than ever, the provision of care to you , your families and carers is imperative.
We are working around the clock to ensure we can still deliver as the lockdowns and new strains of Covid–19 continue to disrupt everyday access. We have developed individualised plans that are focused on what you might require to keep you well though this health crisis, and we have prepared detailed work instructions for times when people in our care or our staff may become unwell.
For people with complex functional support needs, our Nightlife team will continue to provide face to face support.
A safety questionnaire is completed prior to all direct support work to ascertain risk, before we “in reach” into a person’s home
In order to ensure our staff and the people we support are safe, our staff are all using PPE.
In any hotspot areas, as well as good hand hygiene and infection control our staff will also be provided with additional single use PPE masks, gloves and equipment.
Clients are expected to wear masks and follow Covid Safe hygiene to support our home-based visits.
If you need assistance to obtain masks and hygiene products, please speak to our service delivery coordinators and we can incorporate this into your Covid safe plan.

Community Access

An option for our community access NDIS clients to choose Telehealth Support
For people who have been using our community access and recreational supports, we are also able to provide telehealth services. This helps to stay connected, and you can still choose what this support looks like.
We can provide individual direct support through telephone and video.
Our support includes helping people understand COVID-19, what to do and how we can help them, as well as strategies to maintain good mental health in this time of crisis and uncertainty.
In addition, our staff can support vulnerable people who are self-isolating to access home deliveries for food and emergency relief, including basic food and sanitary items for participants that are struggling.

Coordination of Support

Coordination of Support will continue, services will be delivered via telephone or video. Where restrictions are lifted, our Support Coordinator will resume in person contacts following individual Covid safe plans and protocols.
Our Coordination of Support service is still open for new referrals

Visitors and other service providers

To prevent transmission between visits, we constantly seek to minimise the areas our staff work in. We will also speak with you if you use multiple providers, or visitors to your home. As part of your individual plan, we will discuss our approach if you, a family member or one of your other providers is at risk, is forced to quarantine, have a suspected or active case of Covid-19. We have policies and protocols for if one of our staff is also at risk, forced to quarantine or is suspected or has an active case of Covid-19.  

We ask that you immediately advise us if you, a family member, or another provider who accesses your home is unwell, has or is suspected of having an infection or is currently in quarantine due to being exposed within a tier one site.

We note that special rules now apply to restrict entry into hospitals to limit the spread of COVID-19. This does have a flow on impact for supporting our participants in the event you are in hospital.

Our central office

Our office is operating on a skeleton staffing model, with administration staff working at home. We unfortunately cannot assist visitors on site at present. This does not affect our ability to help and support you with any enquiries, needs or referrals.

To make any enquiries please call the Nightlife team on 95325455 or enquiries@nightlife.org.au

For further Information and Support on COVID19 , please visit the NDIS website or click on the link below :